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Additives for wine

Additives for wine
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The LLC Apogey company is the exclusive representative in Ukraine of one of leaders of the European market in production and supply of ingredients for the wine industry of Vason Group corporation. Our clients are the largest global manufacturers of wine products. The best specialists in winemaking having wide experience of work with the different countries and different wine materials work for us.

The Vason Group company actively cooperates with universities, research institutes and the technology companies which, as well as we, are engaged in development of the innovation products. Our employees are ready immediately and with the maximum convenience to you to provide all necessary technology support.
For our partners training, and exchange of experience of the developed traditions in winemaking is offered and it allows to offer the consumer unique bouquet of taste and aroma of your wine.

We offer all ingredients which are necessary for wine production:

- The clarifying preparations;
- Enzyme preparations;
- Tannins;
- Bentanita;
- Gelatin;
- Activated carbon;
- Glues;
- Vitamin-mineral top-dressing;
- Tartaric acid
- Metatartaric acid;
- Activators of fermentation, bacterium
- Reagents and expendables:
- The stabilizing and protecting preparations;
- Filtrational materials (for all technology process).
- Cleaning and detergents.

Also the Apogey company jointly with the partner Vason Group corporation, offers the best world equipment for your production and laboratories.

Type of yeast:Wine
Information is up-to-date: 22.02.2018

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