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Color of foodstuff has huge value for the consumer: it not only indicator of freshness and quality of product, but also necessary characteristic of its recognition. The dyes which are present at it are responsible for color of product. They can contain in it naturally (beet, carrots, vitellus, etc.) or can be added in the course of processing. Dyes recover the natural coloring lost in processing and storages; increase intensity of natural coloring; paint colourless products, for example soft drinks, giving them attractive look and color variety. Dyes divide on organic and inorganic; on giro - water-soluble and pigments (insoluble neither in water, nor in fat). The painted foodstuff is not considered as dyes (tomato and other juice, spinach, ground dry beet, carrots, etc.).


These are the dyes emitted in the physical ways from vegetable and animal sources. Sometimes they are subjected to chemical modification for improvement of processing and consumer properties. Number of dyes receive not only them allocation from natural raw material, but also synthetic. For example, the beta carotene emitted from carrots on the chemical structure corresponds to the beta carotene received in the microbiological or chemical way (at the same time natural beta carotene is significantly more expensive and therefore it is seldom used in the food industry as dye). Content of dyes in natural colors and their shade depends on growing conditions of plants, time of collecting, etc.

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β-carotene (E160a)

Annato (E160b)

Anthocyans (E163)

Titanium dioxide (E171)

Caramel dye (E150 and, b, c, d)

Carmine (E120)

Curcumine (E100)

Copper chlorophyllin (E141)

Paprika extract (E160s)

Beet red (E162)

Black coal dye (E153)

Artificial food colors, unlike natural, do not possess biological activity and do not contain flavoring substances. At the same time they have considerable technology advantages in comparison with natural: are less sensitive to conditions of technology processing and storage; heat-resistant; give bright, quite stable; are well soluble in water. Intensity of coloring depends on solution dosage.

Yellow "Sunset" (E110)

Indigo carmine (E132)

Carmoisin (azoruby) (E122)

Red charming (E129)

Ponso 4R (E124)

Blue brilliant (E133)

Tartrazine (E102)

Quinolinic yellow (E104)

Black brilliant (E151)

Chocolate NT. (E155

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