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Vkusoaromatichesky additives

Vkusoaromatichesky additives
  • Vkusoaromatichesky additives
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Vkuso-aromatichesky additives of the LLC Apogey Company are made in the territory of Ukraine since 2004. We make products on the certified production. All raw materials used in production are allowed for use in the food industry and conform to hygienic requirements of safety of foodstuff that is confirmed by the sanitary and epidemiologic conclusions and qualitative certificates.

Vkuso-aromatichesky additives of LLC Apogey are high quality and wide choice.

The dosages of introduction of VAD recommended by us are approximate for the producer, any change of concentration of VAD depending on specific compounding of product does not limit action of the producer for change of bookmark. Possible exceeding of the recommended dosage is safe for the consumer.

For years of work the range of these products has grown to 250 names.
For convenience of orientation in wide assortment of our products, we have distributed vkuso-aromatic additives on such directions:
- meat;
- cheese;
- vegetable;
- spicy;
- seafood;
- milk;
- candy stores;
- nut;
- fruit;
- citrus.

Our specialists, developing new taste:
- attentively study priorities and specifics of tastes in each country;
- apply knowledge and experience of the leading global manufacturers;
- work and aim to satisfy any requests, even the most difficult.

By production:

A) Snekova (croutons, chips, nutlets, pellets, extrusion, sunflower seeds) products:

C) Mayonnaise and sauces:

C) Processed cheeses:

D) Jellies (kissels), creams:

Application of our vkuso-aromatic additives allows:

- To impact to your products unique relish and aroma;
- To recover the taste and aroma which is partially lost in the course of processing or storage;
- To increase the natural taste which is available for products and aroma;
- To relieve products of unpleasant smacks of the vitamins arising at introduction, mineral salts and td.

Qualified specialists of LLC Apogey will help to pick up correctly vkuso-aromatic additive for obtaining harmonious taste and aroma of your product.
Technologists, at desire of the Buyer leave on their production and will work optimum dosage for each product.
The department of Quality Department is guaranteed stable quality of VAD by each delivery.

Our monitoring system of quality at all production phases of vkuso-aromatic additives is based on repeated verification of physical and chemical, microbiological and organoleptic characteristics, both raw materials, and finished goods.

Information is up-to-date: 08.02.2022

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